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Unit four: writing in the humanities

Unit Four Toolkit

Week Eleven: March 17th - 21st
Mar 17th Mon

Introduction to Project D & E

Go over project D & E Assignment Sheets

Class analysis of Manet's "Olympia" based on Marxist, psychoanalytic, and feminist elements

Art analysis assignment directions

Home work: Carefully read and take Cornell Notes on the following handouts:


Mar 18th Tue

Introduction to Film Analysis

Class analysis of the opening to David Lynch's Blue Velvet

Home work:

1. select your prompt by Thursday; topic freeze


Mar 19th Wed



Mar 20th Thurs

Research day

Directions for today's research day at the DH HIll Library

Homework: MLA style list of 3-5 sources based on your prompt due tomorrow

Mar 21st Fri

Good Friday; Class Canceled

This weekend: Work on original notes on primary source (due Monday) &MLA style annotated bibliography (due next week; see assignment sheet for more info)

Homework: original notes on primary source due Monday

Week Twelve: March 24th - 27th
Mar 24th Mon

Work on Annotated Bibliographies

Guided practice with annotated bliographies handout

Brainstorm on primary source due (see assignment sheet for more detail)

Mar 25th Tue

Annotate student sample papers / annotated bibliographies workshop

Student example papers:

Homework: annotated bibliographies due on Thursday; thesis statement due on Friday

Mar 26th Wed  
Mar 27th Thur

Thesis statement workshop

Project D: Annotated Bibliographies due

What are the components of an ideal thesis statement?

How do I begin to write a working thesis statement?

Homework: bring a 2-4 sentence thesis statement to class tomorrow (no need to email). To the best of your ability, follow the example of "a workable thesis" from Handout 2.

Mar 28th Fri

Thesis statement for Project E due

Mar 31st Mon

Workshop thesis statement and topic sentences; drafting workshop

Outline due

Homework: Introduction due tomorrow

Apr 1st Tue

Drafting workshop

Introduction due

Homework: full draft due Thursday before midnight by email

Apr 2nd Wed  
Apr 3rd Thur Class Cancelled
Apr 4th Fri

Class Cancelled

Homework: Final draft of Project E due on Tuesday

Apr 7th Mon

Self & Peer Revision

Step 1: Identify the purpose of each paragraph in your paper

Step 2: Verbalize the above to your peer

Step 3: Peer review; focus on how effectively your peer accomplishes his or her stated purpose of each paragraph. Focus next on whether your peer effectively has the 5 components of a powerful paragraph (TS, EX1, EV, EX2, CL)

Step 4 (time permitting): backwards line-by-line proof-reading

Homework: rough & final drafts due tomorrow by 9:00 a.m. via email

Meet tomorrow at 9:05 in front of the circulation desk in the library (where the over-stuffed chairs are)

Apr 8th Tue

Library tour

Project D due via email: rough and final drafts

End of Unit Four; Go to Unit Five