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Unit three: writing in the social sciences

Unit Three Toolkit

Project C

Week 6
Feb 14 Thur

Introduction to Writing in the Social Sciences

Group discussion of Chapter 3, pp. 111-135. Focusing on these reading questions. (HTML version)

Extra credit: Project A Error Analysis Logs due today

Homework: Browse through the two glossaries of social psychology terms (see Toolkit above). Come to class with a list of 5 concepts you'd be interested in experimenting on for this project.

Feb 15 Fri

Project C groups selected

Topic Freeze

Project C: Workshop: academic sources, online databases

Homework: groups decide on landmark article; email to me by Sunday night, 9:00 PM

Feb 18 Mon

Reading Logs on selected article

Project C Experiment Design Prep: Lecture Notes


  1. Complete detailed reading logs on your articles (1-2 pages) & email to me by 9:00 AM, or before class on Tue. [Refer to K & S, page 121: How to write a reading log (Inquiry 3.8)] MAKE SURE TO IDENTIFY IN YOUR LOGS ALL AREAS YOU DO NOT COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND IN YOUR ARTICLE (the results section of your articles will understandably be above your head)
  2. By Thursday the latest: read K&S pages 143-157, which discuss in detail the expectations for this paper. Be prepared to discuss in class tomorrow.
Feb 19 Tue

Project C: Designing the Participant Observation Study: creation of research questions, hypotheses, methods, measurements, and an action plan

Action Plan for group experiment design (HTML version)

Groups design the experiment and delegate all responsibility


  1. Read K&S pages 143-157, which discuss in detail the expectations for this paper. Be prepared to discuss in class tomorrow.
Feb 21 Thu

Critique of student papers & creation of rubric for Project C

Individual research questions and hypotheses due. Each group member must email me his or hers before 9:00 AM, or before class begins on Thursday.  Alternatively, the project manager may email me all group members’ questions and hypotheses together via the completed action plan.

Methods and measurements proposal & all materials due via email, before midnight. This means a paragraph or bulleted description of exactly what you’ll be doing, for how long, where, and when.  The project manager must also attach a copy of all materials -- survey or interview questions in final form-- if applicable.

Feb 22 Fri Class Cancelled: groups may meet at this time if they wish to conduct their experiments or surveys


Week 8


Project C: Designing a POS II: Context & Method

Home Work: EI 143- 150

  Project C: Carrying out a POS HW: POS outline proposal

Project C: Producing Social Science Writing

Home Work: POS experiment outline


Project C: Sample POSR: Recognizing Social Science Writing

Home Work: EI 150-165

Week 10: March 10th-14th

Mar 10 Mon

Project C: Peer review in pairs

Peer review Groups

Home Work: Using track changes, mark up your partner's draft and carefully fill out the peer review sheet on his or her draft. The detail and level of thought you put into the peer review sheet will be graded as a QUIZ grade. Submit via email before 9:00 AM in class tomorrow.

Mar 11 Tue

Project C: APA format workshop & verbal peer conferencing in pairs

Home Work: Read K & S pp. 323-341. Homework questions available here.

Mar 12 Wed Last day to withdraw without a grade
Mar 13 Thur

Project D: Introduction to Humanities writing

Mar 14 Fri

Project D: Work on Error Analysis Log for Project B

Final draft and full portfolio submission for Project C due via email before 9:00 AM today. Make sure to include the text of your draft in the body of email.

Home Work: Error Analysis logs (EAL) are mandatory for Project B. You will have the opportunity to earn up to 10 points back on Project B depending on the quality of your EAL. See the EAL link for excellent student examples. Make sure to use Grammar Links to fill out your logs.

End of Unit Three; go to Unit Four