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Unit five: academic discourse communities

Unit Five Toolkit:

Project F: Literature Review Assignment Sheet

Project F: Literature Review Helpful Handout

Project F: Student Sample Papers (Note that these are several pages longer than I am requiring you to complete)

  • Student Sample 1: Science Topic (Cotton Fabric)
  • Student Sample 2: Social Science Topic (Birth Order)
  • Student Sample 3: Current Trend / Social Science Topic (Hackers)

Project F: Student-created outline template

Project F: Peer review sheet & rubric

Final Exam Oral Presentation:

  • Oral presentation guidelines
  • Oral presentation rubric
  • Student Samples (Please note, these PowerPoint presentations pertain to the multi-disciplinary comparison project, so they will look a bit different than yours. These two are definitely "above and beyond" examples of PowerPoints-- feel free to do as much or as little as you like regarding a visual- it's inteded to help you, not hurt you. I will be grading your speaking quaiity and the content of your presentation. Note also that I consider these to be rather too article-by-article focused and too text-heavy [which can be confusing for the audience], but it seemed to help the students as they clearly had practiced all they needed to say and needed only to refer to the slides here and there. Note also that these students spoke for well over 8 minutes & I'd like you to keep your presentations to 5 minutes or fewer.)


Week Fourteen:April 7th - 11th
April 7th Mon Unit 4
April 8th Tue Unit 4
April 9th Wed


  1. Read Project F: Literature Review Assignment Sheet
  2. Project F: Literature Review Helpful Handout
  3. Skim Student Sample 2: Social Science Topic (Birth Order)
  4. Come to class on Thursday with a general idea of a topic so you can hit the ground running
April 10th Thurs Research day: settle upon a topic. Goal is to leave class with one article in which you might be interested
April 11th Fri Research day: topic FREEZE! Goal is to leave class with two solid articles (including article found on Thursday)
Week Fifteen:April 14th - 18th
April 14th Mon

All 4 sources must be chosen by today

Reading Logs for 2 sources due


April 15th Tue

Reading Logs for 1 more source due

Outilining workshop: jigsaw activity directions

Homework: total of 4 reading logs due via email by midnight Wednesday

April 16th Wed

Homework: outlines due via email before 9:00 am tomorrow

April 17th Thurs

At least 4 reading logs due via email by 9:00 am today- quiz grade

Error Analysis Logs for Project C: template

Outline workshop: Student-created outline template

Homework: Outlines due in class tomorrow (no need to email)

April 18th Fri

Drafting workshop

Outlines due in class today (no need to email)

Homework: 1/2 of body text draft due (at least Introduciton & 3 body paragraphs- total of 2.5 pages or more)

Week Sixteen:April 21st - 25th
April 21st Mon

1/2 of body text draft due

Body text workshop continued

Homework: Error analysis logs for Project C due tomorrow via email before class. These are mandatory (not optional)

April 22nd Tue

Error analysis logs for Project C due today before 9:00 am, via email

Conclusion & discussion section mini-lesson

Peer review: Peer review sheet & rubric

April 23rd Wed  
April 24th Thurs

Peer revision continued

Full drafts due (rest of body and conclusion will be new text; at least 5 pages)

April 25th Fri

Capstone project Final Draft due (regular deadline for extra credit; extension deadline is Wed., April 30th by noon) course wrap-up; last day of class

What we learned from ENG 101: a friendly competition

How to add more studies & research to subsections: a student example of revision

Course evaluations

Week Seventeen:April 28th - May 6th ~ Final Exam Week
May 5th Mon 8:00-11:00 AM, in our classroom. Final exam: oral presentation on main points in capstone project. Students wil present in groups of 4-5, so you and your group will have to attend for only a portion of the above time. You will be emailed with your exact time slot.