ENG 101, Section 013

Ms. Vilhotti

September 25, 2007


Group Presentation: Survey Study



·        Understand one type of study often conducted in the social sciences: the survey study.

·        Understand how language (particularly that of survey questions) affects the validity of results and theories.

·        Learn to make a logical argument and logical generalizations based on proper evidence.


Survey Study:

1.      [Tuesday] Discuss an example of the various implications of a survey question worded differently.  Abortion: 1) “Do you agree with abortion?” 2) for her: “Would you have an abortion?” for him: “Would you agree to your partner (or a woman you care about) having an abortion?” 3) “Should abortion be legal?” 4) “Is abortion morally correct?” 5) “Do you agree with a woman’s right to choose?” 6) “Are you pro-life?” 7) “Do you object to the murder of unborn babies?”

2.      [Tuesday] As a class, choose topic of discussion from the 3 options offered: 1) Do students become more liberal as they advance in college class? 2) Would students elect a female president? 3) Are there natural or inherent mental differences between men and women as regards science and math ability?

3.      [Tuesday] Each group comes up with 3 different ways to word the selected question, ideally amounting to 12 options to choose from.

4.      [Tuesday] As a class, choose 4 different questions that could be used to ascertain participants’ opinions on the topic.

5.      ************ Meet on the steps outside the library in front of the brickyard on Thursday! **************

6.      [Thursday] In groups, ask passersby the survey question(s). Each group should try to ask at least 30 people.

7.      [Friday] Each group will compile the results.  Each student will be given the task of writing from a liberal, conservative, or neutral agenda.  Based on the assigned viewpoint, each student writes a paragraph analyzing the data.

8.      [Monday] Compare group results and discuss the implication of survey wording on data.

9.      [Monday] Workshop 4 student responses.  Groups answer the following questions:



·        This will count towards your participation grade as a double-quiz / oral report grade