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Ms. Vilhotti, Instructor  

Rubric for oral presentation #1: rhetorical analysis group presentation








Needs work

  • Project content correctly identifies and discusses examples from the Pfefferle article for all necessary conventions. 
  • Content shows group members have thoroughly consulted Linton et al, K & S Chapter 1 pp 31-41, and even corresponding sections in Anson (use the index to look up your convention where appropriate) in order to relate relevant information about each convention.
  • Project content successfully connects the scientific conventions to the principles underlying how scientists view the world, conduct their research and create knowledge.
  • The mandatory number of slides are created.
  • Group shows evidence of productive and respectful collaboration.
  • Each presenter speaks clearly; speakers are not just regurgitating information, but effectively teaching their classmates about their convention.  Classmates should be able to understand speakers clearly enough to take notes comfortably.
  • Most if not all group members speak on his or her slide.

Remember the "big three" in both the professional world and in our class: writing, speaking, and teamwork. Show that you are capable of doing all three successfully and your group deserves an A.