ENG 101, Section 013

Ms. Vilhotti


Checklist for Project 3, Part I Portfolio Submission

Due Tuesday, November 6th


Due to space restraints, you are allowed to only submit Project 3 materials if that is all that will fit in your folder.  I will bring your folders tomorrow (Tuesday).


Required (in this order please, #1 on top):


  1. _____ This completed checklist
  2. _____ The rubric (printed out from the projects section of the website or use the hard copy given to you on Monday) filled out by you.  Specifically, you are to grade yourself along the rubric itself.  Rank yourself in each category and add up the categories to give yourself the number grade you think you deserve.  Under the “comments” section, explain where you feel your strengths and weaknesses in this paper lie.
  3. _____ Final draft (clearly marked “final draft” in the heading) with MLA works cited / works consulted list
  4. _____ (At least) one peer-reviewed rough draft
  5. _____ Detailed outline


Optional (only helps you):

  1. ____ You may choose to attach a color copy of the painting, a shot from the film, song lyrics, the poem, etc., if you feel it would help the reader.  Refer to it as Attachment A; it would belong at the end of your paper, but before the works cited / works consulted list.
  2. ____ Writing conference slips
  3. ____  Drafts marked up by additional peers, etc.
  4. ____ All prewriting: notes, outlines, etc.
  5. ____ Research you have used



Please check off that you have done the following:

  1. ____ I have submitted my final draft to Ms. Vilhotti via email (dvilhotti@gmail.com) no later than Tuesday, 9:00 AM, 10/20/07.
  2. ____ I submitted it as a Word 2000 attachment (not Vista 2007, not Microsoft Works, etc., all of which I cannot open).
  3. ____ As a back up, I submitted the text of my paper in the body of the email by using copy & paste.