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ENG 101, Section 013

Ms. Vilhotti

October 15, 2007

HOME WORK: Review Criteria for PROJECT 2

Experience-Based Theory Critique (EBTC) Essay


 Peer Review Directions for the Summary Portion of the EBTC Only:Your peer will be handing you the draft of only the summary portion of his EBTC essay.  Read your peer’s draft.  This means that the introduction, the critique part (from life experience), and the conclusion will probably be left out.  Your job is to…

  1. Read it for clarity, flow, and grammar, marking it up to the best of your ability and asking questions in the margins.  Your job is just to respond as a reader, not necessarily as a teacher.
  2. Fill out the chart below in as much detail as possible.  Focus specifically on #2. 


Given that your peer has actually given you something to work with, I expect detail and thought on your part.  I will be grading your detailed response as a quiz grade.



What’s working well?

What revisions do you suggest?

Analysis (the body of the paper)



  1. Outlines the major points of the article and describes the kinds of evidence used to support each point. Each major point is discussed in its own paragraph.

















  1. Uses specific examples from the text (brief summaries, paraphrases, direct quotes) to explain how the author of the theory has supported each point.



















What’s working well?

What revisions do you suggest?

  1. Paper reads smoothly and logically.




































  1. Grammar (pronoun-antecedent agreement, etc.) and mechanics (spelling, homophone usage, punctuation, capitalization, etc.) have been carefully reviewed.