ENG 101, Section 013

Ms. Vilhotti

October 14, 2007

Review Criteria for PROJECT 2

Experience-Based Theory Critique (EBTC) Essay




Whatís working well?

What revisions do you suggest?




Introduces the social science text to be analyzed: author, title, topic, rhetorical context.



Previews the authorís  position and/or the purpose of his or her essay.



Includes a thesis statement that explains the purpose, main point, or conclusion of the analysis to follow.



Analysis (the body of the paper)



Outlines the major points of the article and describes the kinds of evidence used to support each point. Each major point is discussed in its own paragraph.



Uses specific examples from the text (brief summaries, paraphrases, direct quotes) to explain how the author has supported each point.



Response and Conclusion



The final paragraphs respond to the authorís argument, offering further support for key points and/or noting exceptions, refinements, or challenges to the authorís claims.



The conclusion pulls the analysis together by reflecting on why this topic is important or relevant (to the college student audience) and by offering suggestions for further study.



Overall presentation



Evidence is well documented, following APA format for in-text citations and References list.



Paper reads smoothly and logically.



Grammar and mechanics have been carefully reviewed (final draft).




General comments and recommendations for revision: