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Ms. Vilhotti, Instructor  

Engaging Inquiry, Chapter 1, pp. 11-31 Reading Quiz


  • Please use your own sheet of paper to respond.
  • Answer part (a) first for #’s 1-3 Then go back and answer part (b) (and then (c) for #3).


(a) List at least three of the four stages of the scientific method (Hint: it was discussed early in the reading, and was represented in a figure showing four words linked in recursively a circle).

(b) Explain how these stages are important and what they say about the nature of scientific inquiry.  In other words, how do these stages show how the sciences view the knowledge-making process?


(a) In 30 words or less, define one of Bacon’s idols.

(b) Imagine a specific leaf (i.e. a maple leaf that has fallen from a tree in the courtyard).  Describe this leaf using the non-objective, biased language of the idol you just defined.


(a) List the three types of observation in the sciences discussed in the latter part of the reading.

(b) Briefly explain each type of observation and how each differs from the other two.

(c) Describe the wall of a dirty fish tank from at least one of the types of observation.