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Literature, AP English and Composition Instructor  






Welcome to my teaching portfolio.  I am currently a Literature and Composition teacher in Taichung, Taiwan.  During my career I have also taught AP English, AP Language, American and British Literature, World Literature and a number of electives, including a film course, drama course and a comedy analysis course.  I have served as the faculty advisor for the Upper School literary magazine, the co-advisor to the Writing Inquiry Center, and as an academic advisor to Upper School students.  I invite you to take a look into my past and present classrooms via this digital portfolio.

  • The full complement of my teaching experience and accomplishments is best captured in my Curriculum Vitae.
  • I am most proud of these Letters that were written by my students to request that I write a college recommendation letter on their behalf. 
  • Video of my classroom highlights my use of Differentiated and Collaborative Learning.

Finally, under the Teaching Portfolio link, you'll find my Teaching Philosophy, course websites, course syllabus, major projects and supporting assignments, my classroom observations, representative teaching strategies, my own writing portfolio, and more.